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We've gathered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Hybrid vehicles and technology - just click on the question you want answered for our explanation. If you require further information, check out the rest of our Hybrid section or Contact your nearest Inchcape Toyota Centre

If I purchase an existing hybrid vehicle, will I need to plug it in to recharge the batteries?

Yaris, Auris, Prius and Prius+ batteries are all automatically charged while you drive, so there is no need to waste time plugging your vehicle in to gain the optimum charge.

What do I do if I’m driving and my hybrid runs out of charge?

Fear not. Your battery is designed to never lose its charge, thanks to the hybrid battery, which is charged by the petrol engine as you drive. 

Will hybrid maintenance cost me a lot more than standard Toyota maintenance?

Servicing your hybrid vehicle costs a similar fee to usual Toyota maintenance, and with a wide selection of Inchcape Toyota centres to visit across the UK, the most extensive hybrid servicing is guaranteed. Reap the benefits of a free Hybrid Health Check with any Hybrid Service.   

Tell me more about hybrid tax breaks…

Every hybrid model qualifies for free road tax. For individuals with a Toyota hybrid company car, a fantastically low 11% BIK is available. 

Will breakdown insurance, with companies like RAC and AA, cover my hybrid vehicle in the case of a breakdown?

Road assistance companies across the country are fully trained in every car, whether standard or hybrid, and have been since 1997. 

How long, on average, will my hybrid battery last before it needs replacing?

Hybrid batteries are designed to last the vehicle through its entire lifetime, but should something happen unexpectedly, your Toyota is covered by a 5 Year Warranty. 

Does shipping the hybrid materials and batteries, via air miles, lessen the environmental impact of the hybrid technologies?

90% of emissions generated are produced throughout the driving experience, while a mere 10% of emissions is contributed by productions, shipping, scrapping and so forth. Therefore, it’s clear to see that with efficiency considered, the hybrid battery is the environmentally friendly alternative to your standard petrol/diesel engine.

On average, how much would the standard Toyota owner save on a yearly basis, by choosing hybrid over their standard engine car?

We can assume that a 30-40% saving in running costs can be achieved per year.

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