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Prius+ from £27,660

New Toyota Prius+

The Toyota Prius+ offers much more than the standard Prius model. With an added two extra seats and more interior space, the Prius+ is the perfect family car, featuring a smooth drive that can cater to up to seven people. If seven seats aren’t needed that day, pushing the back seats down give you additional boot space for luggage, sports equipment, or the family pet. A whole host of advanced features give you the best motoring experience possible, in the world's leading Hybrid.


Prius Plus Icon


 16" alloy wheels (10-spoke)
 Daytime running lights (LED type)
 Privacy glass rear windows
 Push-start button
 Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia system

Prius Plus Excel


 17" alloy wheels (10-spoke)
 Toyota Touch® 2 with Go navigation system
 Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
 Dynamic guidelines on camera display
 Tyre Pressure Warning System (TPWS)

Prius Plus Excel Plus

 Excel Plus

 Toyota Touch® 2 with Go navigation system
 Toyota Touch® 2 multimedia system
 Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
 Entertainment system - twin DVD players (master & master)
 Rain sensor

Like most vehicles of this size, the Prius+, here smartly updated, should only be thought of as an occasional seven seater, but it scores plenty of credit points in the way it translates the Prius' hybrid driving experience to a bigger body. Capable of 68.9mpg and 96g/km, it's a brilliantly green contender in an otherwise crammed market. This improved version gets greater refinement and upgraded multimedia capability. One of the issues with the original version of this car was the thrashy nature of its CVT belt-driven automatic gearbox. This is something Toyota took its time in trying to solve but the engineers say that this is much less of a problem in this revised model, which is claimed to be significantly quieter under heavy acceleration. As for efficiency, in the base 'Icon' version, you're looking at 68.9mpg on the combined cycle and 96g/km of CO2. The practicality of this car hasn't changed, which means that the second row of seats features three very useful independently sliding/split-folding chairs, while the third row seating out back features a 50:50 split-folding row. Overall, there's a lot to like about this usefully improved Toyota Prius+. Take the Icon variant if you absolutely must have the first seven-seat vehicle that emits less than 100g/km, but otherwise our money would be on the unashamedly well-stuffed Excel version. Who knew that saving the planet felt this easy?

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Hybrid Synergy Drive

Inchcape Toyota Pruis 7 seater 2 engines working in harmony, one petrol one electric, delivers you smooth, safe and economical driving.

Amazing economy

Inchcape Toyota Pruis 7 seater 68.9MPG makes this lowest consumption in it's class.

Ample Space

Inchcape Toyota Pruis 7 seater 232 litres of boot, amazing 784 litres of space with the seats down


Inchcape Toyota Pruis 7 seater Multiple Airbags, Electronic Stability Control, Optional Pre Crash Safety System

Full or smart technology

Inchcape Toyota Pruis 7 seater Keyless smart entry and start, auto air con, head up display, sensor wipers


Inchcape Toyota Pruis 7 seater 5 years warranty or 100,000 miles, no road tax, space, 8 year battery guarantee


1.8 Petrol/Electric Hybrid Automatic from £31,930


Prius+ in stock

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