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Mirai from £66,000


True to its name – the new Mirai (Japanese for ‘future’) signals change for the future of driving. We’ve engineered a revolutionary Toyota - powered by hydrogren and featuring both fuel cell and hybrid technology. 

A forward-thinking, new age creation with innovation at its core, the Mirai generates electricity from hydrogen, offering superb environmental performance, making convenience and accessibility simple. Remarkably quiet from the electric motor to the agile bodywork, engineered with aerodynamics in mind – sound-absorbing and blocking materials have also been fitted within the interior cabin – further reducing background noise.

The new Toyota Mirai

Imposing stance

Immediately recognisable, the Mirai stands out from the crowd on the streets - delivering everything you would hope for in a next-generation model, and then some. When viewed from the front, the two most distinguishable features are the large nose-mounted air-intakes, delivering oxygen to the fuel cell stack. Futuristic on the outside, the Mirai interior is extreme and daring – featuring a high surface quality and bold central touchscreen, which although large in size, feels right at home when the driver is comfortable in the luxurious driver’s seat. Unique styling runs throughout the inside and out, with a distinctive interior layout but recognisable front-wheel drive.

The new Toyota Mirai


Combining both fuel cell and hybrid technology in the form of the Toyota Fuel Cell System (otherwise known as TFCS), the Mirai is also fitted with high-pressure hydrogen tanks and new, exclusive FC Stack which achieves an output of 114 kW (155 DIN hp) for the ultimate driver satisfaction. All of this, while the FC Stack offers a world-leading power output density of 3.1 kW/L. Not forgetting the high-efficiency FC boost converter - an additional, high-capacity system component which boosts generated FC Stack power to 650 volts. By increasing this voltage, the Mirai reduces the size of the electric motor and amount of FC Stack fuel cells – this allows the smaller but higher performance Fuel Cell System to lower running costs.

Emitting zero CO2 emissions or pollutants, the TFCS is impressively energy efficient – more so than the combustion engines. While the cruising range is variable and broad, the hydrogen refuelling time takes an impressive three minutes. While the low centre of vehicle gravity offers first-class handling stability, the electric motor makes powerful acceleration a surprisingly quiet experience. Responsive by nature, the Mirai demonstrates a dramatic increase in torque when the foot first touches the accelerator – this smooth power is all down to the combination of FC Stack and battery power, which aid the electric motor. Select brake support mode for optimum driving efficiency – the mode improves the performance of breaks, reducing speed in chosen situations – e.g. driving along long downhill stretches.

The new Toyota Mirai

Stability and Aerodynamics

A low centre of gravity is achieved thanks to the positioning of the Toyota FC Stack and hydrogen tanks. Situated in the centre of the Mirai, under the floor to be specific, this also offers fantastic front-and-rear weight distribution, in addition to improved rear suspension rigidity. 

Dramatically reducing wind resistance and improving fuel efficiency/handling stability, the full-under floor cover and clearance lights have been designed for the most aerodynamic drive. Another example of this dynamic engineering for improved aerodynamics are the aero fins, which improve straight-driving stability, located at the side of vehicle rear combination lamps.

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Named after the Japanese word for The Future, the Toyota Mirai marks the start of a new way of motoring. The four-door, four-seat saloon will come into its own as the Hydrogen re-fuelling infrastructure expands but, with a concerted effort from government and industry, that future is fast becoming a reality. A car that brews its own electricity, on-board, is a huge step forward in the quest for convenient, green solutions to deal with the scarcity of oil. The Toyota Mirai comes at the right time, as motorists look beyond traditional ways of running a car. All this technology comes wrapped in a cutting-edge design, and provides the platform for a smart family saloon with class-leading quality. It may be in the Early Adopters phase for a while, but with powerful customers like Transport for London taking on a fleet of them, the Toyota Mirai's future is looking positive.

Picture of Car & Driving



The new Toyota Mirai Features, styling and dynamic elements are all based on a ‘futuristic’ approach to design.


The new Toyota Mirai Easily spotted in a crowd thanks to two large nose-mounted air-intakes and distinctive looks.


The new Toyota Mirai Powered by fuel cell and hybrid technology for minimal/zero CO2 emissions.


The new Toyota Mirai Extremely advanced features, including a large, central touchscreen.


The new Toyota Mirai Full-under floor cover and clearance lights for ultimate agile looks and performance.


The new Toyota Mirai Bold but luxurious interior with futuristic appearance to match the bodywork.


0.0 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Automatic from £66,000