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Are We Ready For Autonomy Five Problems And How We Might Solve Them

Autonomous cars are developing rapidly, and it looks like they’re here to stay. But whether we’re ready’s another matter; so here we take a look at five problems with autonomy and how we might be able to solve them


A Car For The Family The 2017 Landcruiser Or The Rav4

Hyrbrids don't need any more attention than a car with any other engine type, but here we take a look at the things you need to be aware of.


Understanding Company Car Tax

Company Car Tax needn't be confusing - here we take a high level view.


Driverless Cars To Be Tested On British Roads by 2019

Driverless car technology has been researched, developed and tested over many years already.


Inner City Life - Aygo Vs Yaris

If you're looking for a small city car, Toyota have you covered. But what are the differences between the Aygo and the Yaris?


How Maintenance Can Improve Mileage

A well maintained car will ensure you're always making the most of your fuel efficiency. Here we take a look at the easy things you can do.


Hybrid Theories - Auris VS Prius

If you want a hybrid vehicle, few do it better than Toyota. Here we weigh up the hybrid versions of their Auris and Prius.


How To Maintain Your Hybrid Vehicle

Hyrbrids don't need any more attention than a car with any other engine type, but here we take a look at the things you need to be aware of.


Hybrid Theories - C-Hr Vs Rav4

As well as enjoying the reputation for producing cars that epitomise reliability, Japanese car manufacturer Toyota is also synonymous with environmentally-friendly hybrid models, having launched the world's first volume hybrid in 1997


A History Of Hybrid And Electric Vehicles

From the early origins of the motor industry to the current market, here we take a look at the history of hybrid and electronic vehicles.


How to conduct basic car checks

All drivers should be able to keep up with the basic maintenance needs of their vehicles. Here we look at the basics you should be conducting on a regular basis.


Technology Currently Being Tested In Motorsport

Whether it’s on two wheels or four, the different classes of motorsport are often at the forefront of motoring technology. What’s developed on cars in championships such as Formula One and MotoGP often ends up on the vehicles we use to get around in everyday life.


Yaris Hothatch announced

With the new generation Yaris being used as the base for Toyota Gazoo Racing's new World Rally Championship car, Toyota will be unveiling a new high-performance Yaris at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year.


Prius wins accolades at UK Car of the Year awards

As one of the pioneers of the hybrid market, the Toyota Prius has been at the head of the market since its introduction before the turn of the millennium.


Toyota 2017 GT86

Since the introduction of the GT86 in 2012, it has become a driving enthusiast and motoring journalist favourite thanks to its accessible performance, rear-wheel drive and all-around fun.


Toyota performs well at the 2017 Dakar Rally

As one of the toughest vehicles in the world, the Toyota Hilux was the obvious choice for the Dakar Rally – the world’s most gruelling motor race..


New 1.5 litre engines for the Yaris

As a replacement for the current 1.33-litre petrol unit, Toyota is introducing a new 1.5-litre unit that offers more power, more torque and faster acceleration.


New Toyota Aygo Trims for 2017

As the smallest car in the Toyota range, the Aygo is known to be personable and fun to drive, as well as being customisable and great to look at.


Avensis Touring Sport at Inchcape Toyota

As a stylish estate, the Avensis Touring Sports has plenty to offer for families and people who need that bit of extra space.


Inchcape Toyota Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are the lifeblood of the working world, as without them, the hard-working people of the country won’t have reliable transport to perform their tasks.


Production begins for new C-HR crossover

The latest model in the Toyota line-up, the C-HR crossover, has begun production across its two factories in Wales and Turkey.