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Published Date: 18/07/2014

Premium audiotainment group Harman are to offer specialist apps and add-ons for the new Toyota Yaris.
The new Toyota Yaris featuring Harman technology specialist apps and add-ons

The features to be included will be in the form of add-ons for the Yaris’ Touch 2 on-board infotainment system, and will offer a wide range of optional functionalities.

Among these will be real-time traffic updates, full map navigation systems and many other features designed to not only make journeys safer and smoother, but more enjoyable too.

The new module is simply called the ‘Go’, and will be available on the Yaris from this summer.

It comes as the latest chapter in a collaboration between Harman and Toyota that stretches back nearly two decades.

Sachin Lawande, president of the infotainment division at Harman, said: “Right from the beginning, our two companies have shared a consistent focus on delivering infotainment innovations which make a difference to drivers.

This is as true now as it has ever been, the system for navigation and connected services which Harman is delivering into the new Yaris is all about ensuring journeys are safer and less stressful for drivers.”

Engineers at both Toyota and Harman have been working around the clock to design a system that meshes perfectly with the Touch 2 platform.

Other functions offered by the Harman system will include an intuitive detour function that can estimate delays in routes and automatically redirect a driver to a shorter route, as well as speed limit displays and speed warning settings.

In countries where it’s permitted, the Harman system will also warn drivers when they’re approaching speed cameras and features emergency distress call features in the case of an emergency or breakdown.

Finally, the Harman will also integrate functionalities like Google search and Street View, as well as other services that can be installed easily into the Touch 2 system, meaning drivers can enjoy all manner of media and entertainment functions right at their fingertips.

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