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Published Date: 30/06/2014

With emissions limited to 75g per km the New 2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid will be the only non-plug-in car eligible for a full discount on the Congestion Charge in London based upon the new qualification criteria.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Congestion Charge Exemption
Reducing emissions from 79g per km, Toyota have achieved a 4g per km drop for the supermini by fitting smaller 15-inch wheels and improving the Hybrid system. This has also improved fuel economy, increasing from 81 mpg to 85.6 mpg!

As a company car you can also benefit from it being the only non-electric model in the 5% BIK band. 

Allied to improvements to styling and the interior the new model Yaris Hybrid will be available from September 2014 along with an improved 1.0 litre petrol model which will emit 99g per km.

Amends to the London Congestion Charge were made in 2013 which meant that cars must emit less than 76g per km to qualify for exemption which is reduced considerably from the previous limit of 100g per km.

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