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Published Date: 28/04/2014

Toyota has announced that thanks to customer feedback, it will be delivering a huge range of revisions for its Yaris model, set to launch this summer.

New Yaris
Improvements on the new Yaris include refreshed styling, improved interior and better vehicle dynamics that are intended to position the car as a main contender in the supermini market.

Toyota has said that the revised Yaris takes its design cues from the new Aygo, so drivers can expect a model that will give it a stand-out appearance on the road.

The model will have a cross shape, centred across its front emblem, a feature used on previous Toyota models. The cross shape is used on the new Yaris, to separate the new-look upper and lower grilles.

The rear of the car’s appearance has been improved by the integration of a diffuser in the rear bumper and a reshaped license plate surround. Toyota’s manufacturers have also restyled light clusters fitted with LEDs.

Toyota has spent a lot of time increasing the appeal of the Yaris’ cabin due to responses from customer feedback.

Customer response has highlighted the need for improvement, with regards to the cabin’s roominess and dynamics, levels of quality and more choice in colours and equipment. This feedback has led to intensive work by Toyota to create a Yaris that is customer-based.

When it comes to the model’s inner workings, the suspension has been tweaked to improve both comfort and handling and noise levels have seen a noticeable improvement.

The Toyota Yaris’ powertrains will remain the same and will include 1.0- and 1.33-litre engines petrol and a 1.4-litre D-4D diesel engine, not forgetting the Yaris’ top of the range hybrid unit.

Further details about the improvements to the Toyota Yaris, including its UK introduction are to be announced later this year.

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