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Published Date: 30/06/2014

The Toyota Camatte sport concept is a car designed for all ages to drive and enjoy, and it will be on display at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show.

Toyota Camatte Sport Concept
First shown at the Tokyo Toy Show in 2012, the Toyota Camatte is designed to be driven by children and aims to entice the younger generation to glean an interest in all things automotive.

Although it is built for kids, the Camatte sport concept is similar in size to a Smart car and is replete with three seats and an adjustable driver’s seat and pedals.

Giving a nod to further production, the concept is also available in a range of different body colours, which are changed via screws in the bodywork.

The model has a quirky build, similar to the type of car you might see see in ‘Wacky Races’, but it is built to impress as the entire top half the Camatte lifts up, allowing entry for all passengers. 

This will be the third year in a row that the Toyota Camatte makes an appearance at the Tokyo Toy Show and this year the new Sport version will join the original, as part of a display in the Toyota Design Lab.

Factoring in fun at this year’s show, visitors of all ages are encouraged to attend and to create their own colourful digital designs.

Visitors will then see their designs come to life as they are reproduced across the Camatte’s bonnet, thanks to a mass of LED lights.
Toyota Camatte
For information on how the Toyota Camatte is constructed and how its parts function, attendees of the Toy Show can visit a stripped-down version of the model in Toyota’s Tech Lab. 

The original Toyota Camatte is built with a 12bhp electric motor, which is capable of a 35mph top speed.

As the model is fitted with an electric unit, Toyota also aims to educate young motorists in how cars can be eco-friendly. 

The Toyota Camatte and its sport concept version are on display at the Tokyo Toy Show from 13-16 June. 

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