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Published Date: 29/01/2014

Toyota’s Calty Design Studio has developed a new track-focused racing version of the FT-1 sports coupe concept, dubbed the Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo.
Toyota designs exclusive Gran Turismo FT-1

However, while the concept FT-1 was rolled out in the metal at this year’s Detroit Motor Show, this new version will be exclusive to the PlayStation game Gran Turismo 6.

Toyota claims that as the FT-1 was originally designed to appeal to die-hard car fans, the natural progression was to develop a version that delivers an authentic racing experience for Gran Turismo players.

Designers at the California-based studio took the basic shape and architecture of the FT-1 and added additional cooling and downforce elements to develop its virtual counterpart.

They also studied real-world tracks and race cars in depth, applying the research to the styling of the new FT-1 in order to deliver a car with performance that matches its sharp looks.

Details added include wider wheel arches to accommodate the larger tyres and enlarged air intakes, along with a larger rear wing and front Canard fins to generate increased downforce.

A bigger rear diffuser with multiple fins was also added to create smoother airflow, with every detail addressed in order to create the sensation of a tangible performance car.

The real-life FT-1 concept debuted with a wraparound windscreen and side glass arrangement to increase visibility, as well as an F1-style steering wheel and colour heads-up display.

Toyota didn’t release any performance specs for the concept, but the virtual version of the original FT-1 in the Gran Turismo 6 game revealed how the figures would look if it were real.

According to the game’s stats, the original Toyota FT-1 would have a kerb weight of 1,320kg, with an output of 478bhp.

No such information has been released for the new Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo as yet, but it will be available for players to drive from September.

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