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Published Date: 6/25/2014

As an industry first, Toyota has established a partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew to strengthen the ecological and environmental quality of its UK operations.

Toyota Kew GardenThis partnership has been put forward by Toyota to support its global principle of working in harmony with the environment.

The Japanese car maker is to do this by transforming its production sites and national headquarters into sustainable habitats for plants and wildlife.

As a forward-thinking ‘green’ project, it will support the biodiversity and environmental excellence that Toyota constantly strives towards at its UK factory and office locations.

It is Burnaston car manufacturing plant in Derbyshire that is to benefit first from Toyota’s green thumb.

The aim is to create a green grid, demonstrating how a working industrial site can support biodiversity, without compromising the cost or efficiency of its core business.

Burnaston is a 580-acre site, which is home to more than 400 recorded plant and animal species, some of which are protected.

Working alongside Kew’s plant science experts, Toyota hopes to create more natural habitats and restore more than 58 acres of land.

The Derbeyshire Wildlife Trust is also collaborating in the project and Toyota employees have been encouraged to learn more about the changes and why they’re happening.

The restoration strategy Toyota has launched in partnership with Kew is to extend across the next decade – furthering the car maker’s practise of clean processes and green technologies.

It’s not just Burnaston and the UK that will benefit, as Kew experts have been engaged to help biodiversity projects at Toyota’s European headquarters in Brussels.

Giving his thoughts on the project, Tony Walker, TMUK deputy Managing Director, said: “The legacy of this project will be to show that a manufacturer, working with Kew, can create an ecologically rich environment that connects with its local surroundings and community.

“We hope that others will see what we have done and adopt the same approach.”

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