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Published Date: 12/1/2014

Toyota has announced details of its latest parking support technologies that will be rolled out on new models from 2015.
Toyota out to beat the bump with new parking technology

A number of new technologies have been announced that Toyota believe will make parking problems a thing of the past.

Intelligent Clearance Sonar is a system that not only detects obstacles but also acts to prevent accidents where the driver has pushed the accelerator by mistake – something that is a regular occurrence when backing out of a parking space.

Toyota has enhanced the system by including extra sensors that pick up objects further away which increased the breadth and depth of scanning.

The system’s control logic has benefitted from a total overhaul and now uses ICS to prevent or limit the consequences of collisions by deploying automated braking.

There is also less risk of colliding with adjacent vehicles or obstacles thanks to a reworked system control logic –even when you don’t slam on the gas – for example, when driving slowly around a car park or pulling out of a parking space.

ICS is now used by Toyota’s Intelligent Park Assist system to prevent or reduce the possible knock on effects of automated braking – it can also take the strain out of parking with a new multi-point turn support function that enables automatic steering control in tight spaces.

Intelligent Clearance Sonar can also be used to help drivers negotiate their way out a parallel parking spot even when they have limited room at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Panoramic View Monitor

Vehicles fitted with Toyota’s Panoramic View Monitor can already take advantage of an overhead view of their car, displayed on the navigation system’s screen. The view is being made even clearer with a new See-through View function. At the press of a button, the driver can flip between Moving View, which displays real-time video as if looking down on the vehicle, and See-through View, which gives a driver’s perspective of the car’s surroundings, as if the vehicle were transparent. Compared to Moving View, obstacles are shown larger, making them easier to spot and avoid.

Toyota’s improvements to its parking support technology are intended to make parking safer and reduce the high level of property damage accidents witnessed in car parks worldwide. This in turn supports its mission to help eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries. Toyota’s Integrated Safety Management Concept sets the direction for the development of both vehicles and safety technology. It covers all aspects of driving by integrating individual safety technologies and systems, rather than viewing them as units that function independently.

Toyota is committed to a wide range of initiatives that address traffic safety, from developing ever-safer vehicles and technologies to helping create a safer traffic environment and engaging in educational activities.

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