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Published Date: 19/09/2014

Toyota has signalled its intent to bring automated driving to the masses at the fourth annual Toyota Advanced Safety Seminar (TASS) in Michigan.
Toyota DARV

Technologies showcased included laser detection systems that can track objects on the road both day and night, 3D information displays that could transform the way traffic is delivered to drivers and an advanced driving support system that Toyota hope to put on the road in the next few years.

Speaking ahead of Toyota’s appearance at next week’s Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress, Seigo Kuzumaki, Toyota’s Chief Safety Technology Officer, explained the marques view.

He said: “Toyota’s vision is of a world without traffic fatalities, and these advanced connected and automated vehicle technologies have the potential to revolutionise automotive safety.

“We are committed to bringing advanced active safety systems to market as quickly as possible and making them accessible to a broad range of drivers.”

Toyota’s latest version of their Automated Highway Driving Assist (AHDA), which was first unveiled in Japan last year formed a significant portion of the seminar. The system is designed to work hand in hand with the driver to achieve safe car control.

The system, which will be on display at the ITS World Congress in Detroit this week, has been developed according to real-world traffic conditions in the UK and will be able to operate at speeds up to 70mph.

AHDA incorporates three different technologies: Lane Trace Control, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Predictive and Interactive Human-Machine Interface (HMI).

These three technologies combine to keep the vehicle to its correct lane and at a safe distance from other road users.

HMI supports driver engagement with a warning issued when the system is about to disengage and by monitoring the driver’s level of attention on the road ahead.

A 3D heads-up display unit works in tandem with the driver; critical information is projected onto the windscreen including vehicle status, traffic conditions and road signs.

No special glasses are required with this feature as it uses completely new technology and is designed to display important information at specific points on the road.

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