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Published Date: 05/01/2015

Northern Ireland veterinarian Liam Young knew he was getting a quality vehicle when he purchased his Toyota Land Cruiser in July 1998 but we doubt if he knew he would still be driving the same 4x4, 16 years later!

410,000 miles in his trusty Toyota Land Cruiser
After covering a massive 410,000 miles – the trusty Land Cruiser was finally retired by Mr Young and traded in for a newer, 2007 model.

The Toyota GB social media department received information on the incredible vehicle from Toyota centre Mid-Ulster Cars in Northern Ireland on behalf of local vet Liam Young.

Mr. Young is well known to the dealership having being loyal to it for the last 16 years – instead of updating his Toyotas over the years, Liam has simply came back year after year to service his favourite motor.

Liam explained what it was like to own the Land Cruiser for so long, “I purchased my three-door Land Cruiser on July 15 1998 from Mid Ulster Cars in Cookstown, County Tyrone. The registration plate – WIW 1303 – had been refused by another man on grounds of superstition.”

Adding, “The same engine is still singing like a sowing machine. The turbocharger, gearbox and exhaust are all still original too.”

Through the years, Liam has kept 1303 in excellent working order - always servicing 1303 regularly with Mid Ulster Cars and would like to commend the team there for years of sterling support and customer service,” adding that “1303 has become part of mid-Ulster folklore. My bond with 1303 was such that all attempts to make me buy a new vehicle were rejected because I could never find anything as good.”

For more information on the Land Cruiser or any Toyota’s - contact your nearest Inchcape Toyota Centre!

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