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Published Date: 8/24/2015

Toyota GT86
The Toyota GT86 is the performance car with a low price tag that people have been waiting for.

At just the right time, Toyota stepped in with their competitively priced sport coupe that offers plenty for the driver and saves them a lot of money.

Here are the reasons that make the GT86 so good…


For around £25,000 you can pick up a new GT86 that is rated as the second best sports coupe behind the much more expensive Porsche Cayman by For the amount of performance you get in the car it is great value for money.


The GT86 doesn’t have the highest top speed, nor does it get from 0-62 the quickest. What it does do is give the buyer pure driving pleasure and connection with the road. It has an excellent gearbox, which means that shifting through the gears is a pleasure.


The GT86 was developed in collaboration with Subaru to add some excitement to the Toyota range and it certainly succeeded. It looks very sporty thanks to its low coupe body, bold styling and slightly flared wheel arches. It is one of the best looking coupe’s on the market.


At both low and high speeds it is exceptional thanks to direct steering and an excellent suspension set up. Thanks to these traits, it makes the car fantastic to drive. Whether you want to precisely guide the car round a corner or drive it at speed, the GT86 is up to the task.

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