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Published Date: 7/17/2015

There is no doubting the Toyota Hilux is capable of completing most tasks on and off the roads – you need only to watch the famous episode of Top Gear to know that.

But despite being able to tackle any terrain and take a real beating while working smoothly, there are many other qualities that make the Hilux a pick-up fan’s favourite.

The first thing people love about the Hilux is its affordability. Here at Inchcape Toyota, you can drive away a used model with fewer than 50,000 miles on the clock for £16,800, or £258.69 a month.

Another reason why people have a soft spot for the big Toyota pick-up is its impressive physique and stance. Presence on the road is something a lot of people like to have, and the Hilux provides exactly that.

Although it is a big car, there is still plenty of charm about the Hilux. The SUV-like front end keeps the vehicle looking like other cars on the road, while the extended loading bay gives it the full pick-up look.

It has become quite a favourite among business owners who have become tired of the conventional van and want something a lot more attractive yet incredibly robust.

The cabin is comfortable and flexible. You can choose from either a two-seat cabin, which is popular among workmen, or a four-seat cabin that is popular with families.

Under the bonnet you can have either a 2.5-litre or 3.0-litre engine, the latter giving 169bhp and is available with the top spec quad-cabin model.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Hilux, though, is its second-to-none reliability that has made it a legend in the car world. It is known to be unbreakable, and the Top Gear episode will back that up.

If you would like any more details on our fleet of used Toyota Hilux, please click the following link.

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