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Published Date: 02/10/2015

Prius+ rings in New Year with new tech
The family car sector is a very busy one with almost every manufacturer having an option for the seven-seat car buyer.

Toyota has entered the seven-seat car market with something a little different for the customers to consider, the 7 Seat Prius +. Toyota have stuck to the same principles that make the five-seat Prius so excellent and applied them to the larger model as well adding a few extras.

Being a hybrid-only seven seat car means that the Prius + is extremely economical, it is possible to get 68.9mpg which means that fuel stops won’t be getting in the way of many school runs. The Prius + is also the only petrol-powered automatic MPV that can boast emissions below 100g/km, making it free to tax.

The drive is extremely smooth in the Prius + thanks to the same 1.8-litre hybrid system and CVT gearbox that is in the Prius being used. What the Prius + offers that the Prius can’t is that the cabin is extremely comfortable and spacious for seven people rather than five.

It is difficult to make a large MPV desirable, however Toyota have done just that. The styling of the Prius + is very distinctive and it doesn’t look like a huge MPV which attracts a wider range of buyers,

If you are looking for a company car and have a growing family then this is the perfect car for you. As mentioned, it won’t cost you much to run and you get the outstanding build quality that Toyota a renowned for combined with excellent reliability.

With the family on board it is vital that they are safe and Toyota understand that completely. That is why they have engineered the Prius MPV to meet the highest safety standards around the world.

Thanks to the seven-seats in the cabin, the large boot and low running costs, the Prius + really is everything you could want from a family car and more.

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