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Published Date: 10/2/2015

As the city car becomes more popular the options that the buyer can have are increasing greatly. It is quickly becoming the most competitive car sector in the world.

Toyota’s entry to the packed sector is the excellent Aygo that has excelled in the market since its release.

The latest generation of the Aygo is similarly as excellent as the previous in terms of performance on the road. The same 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine has been carried over so it still produces 68bhp and is very eager on the road. Take it on the motorway and there is very little wind noise and the car remains very stable even when doing the maximum legal speed limit.

Around town is where the Aygo really shows what a great car it is. The steering is featherweight and accurate and combined with the excellent grip the car generates means it corners excellently.

Another impressive trait the Aygo has is how economical it is. It offers you up to 69mpg with the five-speed manual and 67.3mpg with the x-shift automatic. This means that trips to the fuel pump will be few and far between.

Exteriorly the new Aygo is eye-catching thanks to it boasting sharp edges and angles. The introduction of swept-back headlamps and a double-bubble roof panel gives the car a distinctive and desirable look.

There is a lot of standard kit inside the little Toyota’s as well, including air-conditioning, cruise control, Bluetooth and the x-touch multimedia system. If you have an android phone you can turn the touchscreen into a mirror image of your phone screen, very handy.

On top of all of this, the Aygo still remains incredibly practical despite its minimal frame. There is plenty of boot space, 168 litres of it, plenty enough for a weeks worth of family shopping or two suitcases. You can also get an Aygo as a five-door model, which makes getting into the back even easier.

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