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Published Date: 1/7/2016

Toyota Avensis Tourer 2015

Although Toyota is a Japanese brand, the cars you buy are very much British products.

Toyota manufacturing in the UK first started in 1992, with the engine manufacture plant at Deeside in Wales. This 115-acre site currently produces Toyota's range of VVT-i petrol engines - and not just for the UK market. This was quickly followed by the 580-acre Burnaston plant in Derbyshire, which opened in December of the same year.

The first car off the Burnaston production line was a Toyota Carina E, and when the Carina was replaced by the Avensis in 1997, this too was built in Derbyshire. Avensis production was quickly joined by the Corolla in 1998 - and when the Corolla was replaced with the Auris in 2007, production continued. The plant was also responsible for manufacturing the Auris Hybrid, the first mass-produced hybrid in Europe.

Both the Auris and Avensis were replaced with new models in 2015 and Burnaston had the unique honour of being the only Toyota plant outside of Japan to bring two new model lines online simultaneously.

To ensure that vehicles manufactured in its plants worldwide meet Toyota's reputation for quality, the 'Toyota Production System' is employed.  This system allows for production to be maintained in a continuous flow to meet demand.

Burnaston and Deeside also aim to minimise the environmental impact of vehicles and their manufacture. To achieve this, Toyota focuses on the elimination of pollution at source, and the factories were sending zero waste to landfill by 2002 - also achieving zero waste to incineration in 2008. 

Today Toyota Manufacturing UK employs 3,400 people between the two plants and builds nearly 200,000 vehicles a year - even exporting some of these back to Japan!

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