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Author: Dan Clarkson

Published Date: 28/06/2016

In the UK, we’re very fortunate to have almost complete mobile coverage so that if you get into an emergency situation, you can contact the local services to assist you.

Inchcape Toyota

But in other parts of the world, there may not be such good service, and in places such as Australia, this frustration can be a common problem. This annoyance however could develop into a severe problem in the remotest of areas, such as the Australian Outback, and you could be stranded without a signal and a way to contact help.

In places such as the Outback, you can go for hundreds of miles without seeing anyone or any signs of civilisation at all, and with signal at a severe premium also, that means you could get in real trouble.

In partnership with Adelaide’s Flinders University, Toyota has used its highly popular and versatile Land Cruiser 4x4 to improve the connectivity of the Bush community and also set up a system that could certainly save lives.

Thanks to a portable Wi-Fi and UHF hotspot that fits to the back window of the Land Cruiser, a delay-tolerant network can be used as an emergency connection and create a cloud network in the Outback.

The devices have a 25km range and can be used as a relay to transfer the signal from a person in jeopardy to the relevant emergency services. They can relay calls or send geo-tagged messages so that the relevant personnel can pinpoint exactly where the person in distress is so they can get there as soon as possible.

As there are so many Land Cruisers used in Australia, this network can cover a large area of uncovered land, meaning that the likelihood of finding someone massively increases.

Watch the video below to see exactly how Toyota and Flinders University have carried out this innovative idea. 

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