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Published Date: 6/9/2016

The Toyota Mirai is as unique and as forward looking a vehicle on the market as you can get right now, and with its special fuel cell system, it is one of the possible solutions as the car industry becomes more environmentally friendly.

Inchcape Toyota

With this revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell, it is becoming more and more important to show off this new technology, and where better than at the Monaco Grand Prix, the most glamorous and high profile Formula One event of the year.

Driven by His Serene Royal Highness Prince Albert of Monaco, the Mirai drove a lap of honour around the world-renowned 2.3-mile Monte Carlo circuit to officially open the Grand Prix weekend.

The Crown Prince has been an advocate for green technology and aims to make Monaco one of the greenest and most sustainably mobile countries in the world, and the Mirai is certainly a step in the right direction.

To also show off the potential racing credentials of the Mirai, one was taken to Gurston Down in Wiltshire to take on its Speed Hillclimb challenge. The one-off mirror-chrome Mirai completed the 0.6-mile course in 44.44 seconds, at an average speed of 62.5mph.

Thanks to its silent hydrogen fuel cell system and emissions consisting only of water, the Mirai is the way forward for motoring, and possibly motorsport if the performance at the Hillclimb is anything to go by.

If you want more information on how to get your hands on a Mirai or you need any more details about it, contact your nearest Inchcape Toyota dealership.

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