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Published Date: 27/02/2016

Toyota Mirai

Described as “the future of motoring”, the Toyota Mirai has won the Technology Award at the 2016 What Car? Awards.

The car's hydrogen fuel cell system has been in development for over 20 years and the Mirai is the first full series production car in the world to be fitted with such a system.

Editorial Director of What Car? Jim Holder said, “Supporters say hydrogen fuel cell technology holds the key to the future of sustainable motoring, whilst critics point out there is no infrastructure, development is costly and fuel cell technology is far too expensive to hold mass appeal.

“The judges’ counter to that was that all-new technologies need early champions, and Toyota’s bravery in trying to force change is to be applauded.”

Despite the fledgling nature of fuel cell technology, the Mirai’s fuel system is designed to have a range that matches equivalent petrol vehicles and to be as convenient and functional as a conventional car.

The system functions by combining hydrogen, stored in the car’s high-pressure tanks, with oxygen from the air around it in the fuel cell, generating electric power to drive the car. The only local emissions from the car is pure water, and if renewable energy sources are used to generate the hydrogen in the first place then a fuel cell car truly produces no emissions in its operational lifetime.

Due to the UK’s development of the supplying and selling of hydrogen fuel, with operational hydrogen fuel stations in locations like Sheffield, Coventry, Aberdeen and London, it is one of the first countries in Europe to receive the Mirai.

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