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Published Date: 4/4/2016

Toyota Project BLAID

Toyota is always looking forward to making a safe and sustainable future and with one of its latest projects, it is helping those who can’t drive but want to navigate our world simply and with little hassle.

Project BLAID - a portmanteau of blindness and aid - is a piece of wearable technology that will assist visually-impaired people navigate around buildings by pointing out important landmarks, such as toilets, stairs and elevators, so that they can move around spaces easier.

Toyota Project BLAID

Fitted around the neck, BLAID uses cameras to detect the features, and then via speakers and vibration motors communicates which way to go so that the user can navigate easily around the building.

With the future of the design project expected to include facial recognition and better mapping capabilities, BLAID could become a very important tool for the blind as they hope to move around the world with more simplicity. The user would operate the device with voice recognition and buttons when the project has been developed further.

The device itself would be used in conjunction with a guide dog, GPS device or cane to assist the user and would not be used on its own, rather as a supplemental guide to navigate the world around the user.

To find out more about Project BLAID, visit, where you also discover all of the projects that Toyota are involved in to help create a better tomorrow.

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