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Published Date: 07/08/2017

With our cities more crowded than ever, and with parking room at a premium, city cars make perfect sense now more than ever. Promising strong practicality for families and all manner of other drivers, small cars are more affordable to buy and run, whilst still providing a fun and punchy driving experience. How do Toyota’s city car offerings - the AYGO and the Yaris - stack up?

Fun, dynamic and quality exteriors

Both of Toyota’s compact cars aim to add a splash of fun to the sector, with distinctive faces helping them stand out from the crowd. This is especially true of the smaller AYGO which has an eye-catching ‘X’ face, while the front of the all-new Yaris has been sharped and bestowed with details that make it appear more sophisticated than ever.

At the back, the AYGO’s bold angles, curves, attractive light clusters and dominant black panel ensure it oozes youthful flair. The new 2017 Yaris, meanwhile, has a more traditional hatchback vibe to its rear design, gorgeous wraparound light units, distinctive LED signatures and contrasting pillars, giving it a touch of class. Both of these two city cars from Toyota can be customised with a wide range of colours, alloy wheels and other individual styling choices, and the AYGO has two fantastic x-play styling packs to choose from called OUTstand and OUTglow. The new Yaris is available as a 5-door across the range, whereas the AYGO can still be chosen as a 3-door if preferred.

Conclusion: The all-new Yaris offers more flexibility with its 5 doors. Its slightly larger footprint means added space for people and luggage, while the AYGO is big on fun and perfect for a first car.

On the inside

The exterior differences are reflected in the two cars’ cabins, with the AYGO looking slightly more quirky and daring, with creative use of colour, while the roomier Yaris is more mature inside but nevertheless feels full of energy.

Both cars are available with colour touchscreens compatible with popular smartphones, and the AYGO’s somewhat more robust aura comprised hard-wearing materials and surfaces makes it well suited to drivers with young kids. In the all-new Yaris, Toyota’s longstanding reputation for enviably classy build quality shines through in a sophisticated interior that will leave drivers and passengers of all ages nothing but impressed. The latest Yaris can be specified with an even wider range of connectivity, and its 286-litre boot space offers more alternatives compared to the AYGO’s 186 litres. It’s also fitted with the latest safety systems like pre-collision, road sign assist, lane departure alert and auto high beam lights.

Conclusion: Fun is again the AYGO’s focus and it’s an excellent car for short journeys, longer trips left to the more grown-up, roomier and more highly-specified Yaris.

Engines perfect for city life

Priced from £8,995 as a 3-door and from £12,055 as a 5-door, the AYGO uses a peppy 1-litre petrol engine that produces an environmentally-friendly 95g/km CO2 emissions while offering fuel economy of upto an astonishing 68.9mpg. It can be combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox or an automatic to make ‘around town’ driving even easier.

The all-new Yaris for 2017, meanwhile, has an engine range that includes the same 1-litre 69hp petrol unit, plus a new 1.5-litre petrol engine that emits just 108g/km CO2 if combined with the automatic transmission instead of the 6-speed manual ‘box. An advanced Toyota hybrid powertrain is also available for the new Yaris, meaning emissions as low as 75g/km and economy of upto 85.6mpg. The hushed hybrid experience suits city life brilliantly.

Conclusion: For covering longer distances with added power, pick the Yaris; but for popping down the shops, to the gym or dropping the kids off at school, the zippy AYGO will bring out a smile.

In numbers…



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Toyota’s compact AYGO has won many hearts with its affordable pricing, fun image outside and in, plus economical engines and attractive running costs. The Yaris has long had the reputation for being a classy, well-built supermini with plenty of sophistication and a bit more space – and the new model for 2017 is set to reinforce those values. Thanks to its Japanese roots, Toyota certainly knows how to build exceptional city cars.


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