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We have teamed up with Car & Driving, the UK's No.1 Motoring Media Agency, to bring you the finest quality Independent Road Test videos of our New & Used cars.

New Cars

Toyota Auris

More dynamic, better equipped and cheaper to run than ever before, Toyota's second generation British-built Auris family hatchback offers more confident, sleeker styling, improved ride and handling... read more

Used Cars

Used Toyota Auris 2010

Toyota Auris (2010-2013)

Is there a more underrated car on the market than Toyota's Auris? Think about that one for a moment. The successor to the Corolla is a thoroughly engineered and brilliantly practical thing that's hug... read more
Toyota Avensis

Toyota Avensis

For more than two decades, Toyota has provided customers in the medium range Mondeo segment with a safe, conservative set of wheels. Not, perhaps, the most exciting choice but the most sensible one... read more
Used Toyota Auris 2010-2012

Toyota Auris Hybrid (2010-2012)

At its launch in 2010, the Toyota Auris hybrid's importance lay less in the HSD (or Hybrid Synergy Drive) technology it carried - that was simply borrowed from Toyota's existing Prius - and more in t... read more
Toyota AYGO

Toyota Aygo

In one audacious move, the Toyota Aygo has been transformed from ageing also-ran into bold contender for class honours. The oily bits aren't radically different, but the look and feel is... read more
Used Toyota Auris 2002-2007

Toyota Auris (2007-2010)

There are jobs, there are difficult jobs and there are impossible jobs. The one handed to Toyota's Auris upon its launch slotted squarely into the latter category. The Toyota Corolla had carved out a... read more
Toyota GT86

Toyota GT86

'Fun'. In recent years it's been hard to construct a sentence where the word sits comfortably with 'Toyota'. The GT86 (known as the FT-86 during its far from secret development) changes all that... read more
Used Toyota Avensis 2009-2011

Toyota Avensis (2009-2011)

The third generation Toyota Avensis is a car that's easy to overlook and perhaps because of this, makes a brilliant used buy. It's every bit as solid as its predecessor but adds a touch of elegance t... read more
Toyota HiLux

Toyota Hilux 

Although the Toyota Hilux has forged a reputation as something that cannot be killed, a little luxury inside still plays well with buyers and the latest car serves up a more refined feel... read more
Used Toyota AYGO 2006-2007

Toyota Aygo (2005-2012)

Just when we thought the Yaris was the definitive small Toyota, the Japanese company brought us the Aygo. Cheeky, smart and keenly priced, the Aygo was one third of a partnership that also produced t... read more
Land Cruiser 3.0 D-4D

Toyota Land Cruiser 3.0 D-4D 

Many serious off-road vehicles are about as comfortable as going over Niagara in a barrel when used on the road but Toyota's Land Cruiser is one champion mud-plugger that can hold its own... read more
Used Toyota Corolla 2001

Toyota Corolla (2001-2007)

The Toyota Corolla was for a very long time something of an enigma. How could this car land the title of World's Best Selling Car whilst at the same time being thoroughly dull? The 1997 generation Corolla... read more
Toyota Land Cruiser V8

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 

The Toyota Land Cruiser V8 - words uttered with more reverence than 'Land Rover' in some parts of the world - is so far from being the most stylish large 4x4 ever made, you just know it has to be ver... read more
Used Toyota Verso 2004-2009

Toyota Verso (2004-2009)

It's taken a while but the public is only now catching on to quite what a good car Toyota's Corolla Verso is. The first generation car was a product that completely passed the British public by and w... read more
Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is now thoroughly established at the nation's favourite hybrid vehicle. This third generation car has demonstrated that a hybrid car doesn't need to be dull and it's been further improved... read more
Used Toyota HiAce 2004-2012

Toyota HiAce van (2004-2012)

Given that most light commercial vehicles are built to a template when it comes to size and indeed pricing, there has to be something that differentiates them. Why is one successful where another one... read more
Toyota Prius Plug In

Toyota Prius Plug-in 

The plug-in version of the Toyota Prius uses a special rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can cover longer distances and reach higher speeds on electric power alone. Unlike all-electric vehicles, o... read more
Used Toyota HiLux 2011-2012

Toyota Hilux (2005-2012)

Although the Toyota Hilux has forged a reputation as something that cannot be killed, a little luxury inside still plays well with buyers and the latest car serves up a more refined feel. The styling... read more
Toyota Prius Plus

Toyota Prius+

Like most vehicles of this size, the Prius+ should only be thought of as an occasional seven seater, but it scores plenty of credit points in the way it translates the Prius' hybrid driving experience... read more
Toyota iQ

Toyota iQ

Less than three metres long but packed with intriguing design features, the Toyota iQ is an unashamedly upmarket citycar that's the size of the smallest urban runabout, has the performance of a supermini... read more
Toyota ProAce

Toyota ProAce

If you can't decide whether to go for a compact city van or something more conventionally sized, whey not strike a compromise with the Toyota ProAce?  read more
Used Toyota Land Cruiser 2009-2014

Toyota Land Cruiser 3.0 D-4D (2010-2014)

If tasked to identify the most bullet proof of all the family 4x4 vehicles, most wouldn't hesitate to finger the Toyota Land Cruiser. It's a car that's engineered... read more
Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4

Toyota's RAV4 compact SUV soft roader has been around so long it's easy to forget quite how far it's come. The fourth generation models are bigger, better finished, and far more efficient without for... read more
Used Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2002-2008

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 (2008-2011)

Sometimes, nothing but the biggest and most capable vehicle you can lay your hands on will do and in the absence of a monster truck or a full-blown battle tank, the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 comes a pre... read more
Toyota Verso

Toyota Verso

What do people look for in a compact, seven-seater mini-MPV for the family? Good build quality, neat packaging, a versatile seating system, a reputation for reliability and a choice of frugal engines... read more
Used Toyota RAV4 2010-2013

Toyota RAV4 (2010-2013)

We owe a big debt of gratitude to the Toyota RAV4. These days, we take it for granted that small 4x4s will handle, will offer excellent build quality and give us virtually car-like refinement. Yet un... read more
Toyota Verso S

Toyota Verso-S

The Toyota Verso-S is a very smart piece of product development, aimed at offering older buyers a practical, well built and well equipped car that comes with minuscule ongoing running costs... read more
Used Toyota RAV4 2009

Toyota RAV4 (2006-2010)

Taking a massive leap in complexity, build quality and cost, the third generation Toyota RAV4 moved away from the rather crude but fun image of the first generation car and middle of the road feel of... read more
Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota Yaris Hybrid 

Aimed directly at city-living eco-minded buyers, Toyota's clever Yaris Hybrid is cheaper, cleaner and more frugal than any conventional hybrid model we've yet seen. It may not be the small car you've... read more

Used Toyota Urban Cruiser 2009

Toyota Urban Cruiser (2009-2013)

In cricketing parlance, it would probably be called a swing and a miss. Every once in a while, major manufacturers will launch a new car that for all the world looks as if it'll be a success but then... read more
Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris

At first glance, Toyota's evolutionary third generation Yaris supermini seems unremarkable. It isn't. Advanced hybrid power headlines an engine line-up that in standard models is focused on a zesty ... read more
Used Toyota Verso 2008-2009

Toyota Verso (2009-2013)

Every now and then, a car pops up that never gets the credit it deserves. Toyota's third generation Verso is a typical case. It's one of the very best small MPVs you can buy, yet all too often it's o... read more
Used Toyota Yaris 2008-2009

Toyota Yaris (2005-2009)

The first Toyota Yaris established itself as the finest supermini of its generation. Winner of the 2000 European Car of the Year award, it brought sophistication to a small car sector which had previ... read more
Used Toyota Yaris 2009-2011

Toyota Yaris (2009-2011)

Toyota's Yaris used to have things very easy. It was the default small Toyota. Then the company squeezed it from below with the Aygo and from above with the increasingly accomplished Auris. Suddenly... read more