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Whether you run a large school or small business, when it comes to teaching others to drive, you can't source a more reliable vehicle than a Toyota. Known for their endurance, ease to drive, and low running costs, our vehicles have long been a favourite for new drivers from their very first lesson. Purchase a new Toyota for your students to practice in, and you can not only give your students the best start possible, but get a set of dual controls fitted to your car for free.

Toyota AYGO


Featuring a turning circle tighter than a black cab and high window visibility, the AYGO is a perfect choice for learning to navigate even the smallest of city streets.

With Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) available on most models, a whole suite of safety systems ensures both you and your student stay safe on the road. The Pre-Collision System easily detects objects on the road in front of you to reduce the risk of hitting cars ahead, and Lane Departure Assist systems monitor lane markings to warn if you depart the existing driver lane - a leading cause of accidents and head-on collisions.

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New Toyota Yaris

The Yaris

Keenly priced and recognised by industry professionals for its all-round reliability, the new Yaris has been engineered to truly stand the test of time; offering both traditional petrol and innovative hybrid engine options.

A long way from the initial European launch of its ancestors in 1999, the 2017 iteration of the Toyota Yaris possesses monumental developments. Long-trusted as a beginner vehicle with its easy-to-drive feel and compact body, the whole host of advanced Toyota Safety Sense technologies, from Lane Departure Alert to Automatic High Beam, cement its place at the forefront.There is no better model to ensure you go from A to Z without issue.

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Toyota Auris

The Auris

Thoroughly refreshing both inside and out, the Auris has been created for the optimum level of handling, comfort, and functionality – all topped off with a seamless all-round design.

If you need a bigger vehicle for your students to learn in, the Auris is a perfect match; its svelte form, boldly designed, is perfect for learning to navigate, whilst providing enough room for all of the essentials. 

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Terms and Conditions

Free dual controls for driving schools applicable to registrations of new Toyota vehicles only.