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Our simple 4 step part-exchange process:

Inchcape Toyota Part Exchange

1. Professional appraisal

We organise a specialist to review your car's condition,
service history and appearance.

Inchcape Toyota Part Exchange

2. Additional upgrades

We account for any extras and upgrades your car may have that could increase its part-exchange value.
Inchcape Toyota Part Exchange

3. Individual valuation

We will calculate a true and fair price for your car using the leading Independent Expert Valuation Guides (IEVG) and explain how we reached your individual valuation. We will happily answer any questions you may have.
Inchcape Toyota Part Exchange

4. We’ll do the rest

We worry, so you don’t have to. The DVLA documentation, or any outstanding finance - we’ll take care of it.
We will even give you cash back if the value of your part-exchange exceeds the deposit required. Simply hop in your new car, start the engine and drive away happy. 

Interested? For an independent indication of your cars value visit our Part Exchange page

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