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Tyres at Toyota

We offer a free puncture repair service on all Toyota vehicles*ensuring that your tyres are in good condition and right for your car. This means better safety, fuel efficiency and all-round driving performance for you. The law requires that tyres fitted to your vehicle are in good condition and for each and every tyre offence there is a maximum fine of £2,500 and a compulsory driving licence endorsement of 3 penalty points.

Key points to bear in mind:

  • The legal minimum tyre tread depth for cars is 1.6mm in a continuous band throughout the central three-quarters of the tread width, throughout the whole of the tyre circumference
  • The tyre must be suitably inflated for the purpose the vehicle is being used
  • The tyre must not have a cut, in excess of 25mm or 10% of the tyre section width whichever is the greater, which is deep enough to reach the tyre's internal structure
  • The tyre must not have a lump, bulge or tear caused by separation or partial failure of its structure
  • The tyre must not have any ply or cord exposed

Checking your Tyres

It's important to choose the best people for the job, and no one knows Toyota's like our fully qualified Toyota engineers. You can do some simple checks at home, but if in doubt get in touch with your nearest Inchcape Toyota Centre and we'll be happy to have a more in depth look for you.

We offer a free tyre pressure check and inspection for your peace of mind. Our experts will check the tread depth and tyre pressure, as well as complete a thorough visual inspection to ensure that your tyres are legally compliant to be on the road, allowing you to set off on your summer travels as safe as possible.



What should you check for?

Check the tread depth, tyre pressure and complete a thorough visual inspection to ensure that you are legally compliant. If you are in any doubt about the condition of your tyres, have them inspected by an expert at your local Inchcape Toyota Centre.

Our tyres are competitively priced.

We stock a wide range whatever make or model of Toyota you have, from traditional radial tyres, and a variety of tyre manufacturers to run flat tyres featuring new technology that offers improved safety and additional mobility in the event of air loss. If we don't have the precise tyre you need, we can usually get it delivered on the next day.

Tyres at a glance:

  • Free puncture repairs on all vehicles (if safe to do so)
  • Wide range of tyres in stock
  • Expert advice and fitting
  • No need to book an appointment, just drop in

Take a look at our Inchcape Guide to Tyres video:

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