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Smart RepairHow annoying is a small scratch, a scuff, a dent or a ding on your vehicle?

Now you can sit back, relax and let us fix it for you. We now offer a quick, easy and inexpensive solution to repair minor damage.

Simply book your car in for an appointment at our Small Medium Area Repair Technique (SMART) Workshop or we can take a look while your car’s being serviced. We can sort out the majority of problems including: chipped windscreens, cracked bumpers and dented wings and have your vehicle back to you as good as new, in next to no time.

 arrow No need to claim on insurance 
 arrow No impact on your no claims bonus
 arrow No effect on your insurance premium
 arrow All makes and models of cars

So next time you find an unsightly mark on your vehicle, don't think it's going to be expensive or inconvenient. Simply book it in for a little TLC at your nearest Toyota Approved Bodyshop. 

Keep your vehicle in pristine condition with our range of SMART Repair treatments

Painted Alloy Wheel Repair  Paint Blemishes 
 Paint Chip Repair  Painted Alloy Wheel Repairs
 Wing Mirror Re-paint  Quarter Bumper Scuff Paint Repair
 Colour Wheel Change  Polished Alloy Wheel Repair
 Bumper Scuff Repair  Alloy Wheel Repair
 Dent Repair  Windscreen Repair

* Prices include VAT

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